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The Fact Sheets are another crucial element of this publication. They are the extracted best examples of informational handouts from UK CDAs and other forms of CSO (Co-operative Support Organisation).

The distinction between these documents and the documents in the other Appendices is that these are FOR PUBLIC CONSUMPTION. They are to be edited (eg. search & replace "Anywhere" with the name of your CDA) handed out to clients of the CDA. The other documents are for internal consumption by CDA staff.

Left click on highlighted blue text to view documents. Where there is no high lighted blue text, no document has as yet been uploaded for that particular heading. In the fullness of time, all headings will have associated documents on line. All documents are updated from time to time.

  1. Information about CDA Anywhere - Word File
    1. Agency Profile
    2. History CDA Anywhere
    3. Services
    4. List of other Local/National Support Organisations
    5. CSOs??
    6. European Support Organisations
  1. What is a co-operative - Word File
    1. Co-operative Principles and Values
    2. History of the Co-op Movement
    3. Why incorporate as a co-op
    4. List of local co-operatives
  1. Types of Co-operative - Word File
    1. Workers’ Co-ops
    2. Marketing/Secondary Co-ops
    3. Food Co-ops
    4. Housing Co-ops
    5. Community Co-ops
  1. Other Types of Social Economy Organisations
    1. Local Exchange Trading Schemes (LETS)
    2. Credit Unions
    3. Social Firms
  1. Key historical co-operators - Word File 
  2. Recommended reading list - Word File
  3. Models of Incorporation - Word File
  1. Self-Employed & Partnerships
  2. Limited Liability
  3. Choice of Business Medium
  4. The Advantages of Incorporation
  5. Share or Guarantee Company
  6. Companies House v Registrar
  7. Charitable Status
  8. Business Types Digest
  9. Co-operative Structure Summary
  1. Registration and Company Law - Word File
  1. The Registration Process
  2. Company Names
  3. Responsibilities of Directors
  4. Responsibilities of Company Secretary
  5. Responsibilities of Chair
  6. New Companies
  7. Business Relationships
  8. Disclosure
  9. Other Legal Obligations
  10. Employment Law
  11. Insurance
  1. Employee buyouts and succession planning - Word File
  2. List of Local/National Statutory Bodies (e.g. Companies House, IR etc) and service providers (e.g. banks, insurance etc) - Word File
  3. Business Planning - Word File
  1. Introduction – Why do you need a business plan
  2. Guide to business planning process
    1. Sample Business Plan Contents Page
    2. Example spreadsheet
    3. Cashflow, Profit and Loss and Closing Balance
  1. Finding premises
  2. Market Research
  3. Marketing and Promotion Strategies
  4. Raising Finance
    1. Loan Capital
    2. Share Capital
    3. List of potential sources of loan finance
    4. List of potential sources of grant finance
  1. Information Systems - Word File
  1. Book-keeping systems
  2. Payroll systems
  3. Taxation (PAYE, VAT, NI and Corporation Tax)
  4. Financial Control Systems
  5. Management Accounts (Profit/Loss and Balance Sheet)
  6. Credit Control
  7. Stock Control
  8. Computers and IT systems
  9. Best Practice & Quality Control Systems
  1. Human Resource Management - Word File
  1. Contracts of employment
  2. Wage Structures
  3. Equal Opportunities Policy
  4. Recruitment
  5. Health and Safety
  6. Staff Appraisal Systems
  7. Discipline and Grievance Policies
  8. Conflict Resolution
  9. Pensions
  10. Staff Training
  11. Trade Unions
  1. Co-operative Systems of Management and Decision Making - Word File
  1. Basic meeting skills
    1. Best Practice – meeting frequencies and numbers
    2. Setting the Agenda
    3. Chairing skills
    4. Minute taking
  1. Individual responsibilities and delegation
  2. Sample systems of management and decision making (e.g. flow charts)
  1. Other - Word File
  1. Crisis Management
  2. Liquidation


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